Puzzle Box Kits Now Available

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Merlin’s Casket                       Jail Cell

Cyrus Redblock          4 sun 48 step box

Crypteks                   4 sun 53 step box

Matchbox                              Byte Box

Matchbox 2                            Inca Box

Interlink                                   Zig Zag

Double Two                    Tik-Tak-Tok

Plain Old Box            Black Nightmare

Little Box                           The Crate

Cubey                              Window Box

Cubey 4                           Sarcophagus


Dice Box                  Chinese Torture

4 sun 53 step box         Dragon Chest

4 sun 48 step box          Trinket Box

Cyrus Redblock                 Little Box

Interlink                         Brick Block

Cubey 1                         Wheelie Bin

Hadrian’s Box                Better Odds

The Shield               4 sun 8 step box

Pencil Case                 Helter Skelter

Money Box                             Jenny

Crypteks                     De Vincy Box

The Bridge                          Liquorice

Byte Box                              Illogical

3 sun 18 step box               Trick Box


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Tea Caddy                     Hadrian’s Box

Plain Old Box               Cyrus Redblock

4 sun 8 step box       4 sun 24 step box